MergeWare-eForms (Electronic Forms)

Product: eForms
Purpose: Convert / create / recreate paper forms, business forms, legal forms, letters, applications, etc to electronic format for faster processing. Form and Template Solutions.
Audience: All
Description: We turn any handwritten/type-filled paperwork to electronic format (PDF, MSOffice, Web). Better yet, we transfer data from one form to others, saving retyping time and freeing up labor to better serve your clients! The best part is that we utilize your existing MS Office licensing and therefore there is no need to pay additional licensing fees.
  • Reusable electronic forms
  • Add MACROS, FORMULAS or Custom Programming (Applies to MSOffice forms)

We can convert your PAPER forms, letters, applications, etc to:
• MSOffice Formats (Word, Excel, Access forms, etc.)
• Web Forms (add web forms & function to your website)
• Custom Forms (add formulas or custom programming)
Also, if you already have an electronic document, but want it in another format, we can convert/recreate it!